Sunday, August 28, 2011

Showbiz News: Direk Paul Soriano Almost Proposed to Toni Gonzaga in National TV!

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Television viewers of the Buzz yesterday were treated to a heart warming interview full of thrill and surprises courtesy of Toni Gonzaga's interview of her 4 year boyfriend Direk Paul Soriano. The handsome director guested in the show of the Ultimate Multimedia Star to promote his movie Thelma which stars Maja Salvador.

People in the studio were cheering up when Direk Paul Soriano brought up the issue as to when will Toni marry her. He said that he is always willing to marry Toni anytime, anywhere if she wanted to. He actually almost popped up the question "Will you marry me?" but his girlfriend interrupted him and told him to shut up.

People are anticipating the marriage of this gorgeous people. There is no problem with Direk Paul. The problem is with the Ultimate Multimedia Star who is not yet ready to settle down. Well, she has her reasons anyway. She was in the peak of her career and as the cliche goes, strike the iron while its hot. Opportunity knocks once and a smart girl as she is wants to grab the opportunity fickle minded showbiz offers her as of the moment.

Toni's parents have no qualms about Direk Paul. They knew that he was a good man, that he cannot hurt anyone even a mosquito. They knew that he will take good care of their daughter and when time comes that Toni is ready to make their relationship go a higher level, they will surely support it.

Direk Paul on the other hand will be turning thirty already so its high time for him to settle down. He was just waiting for her to give the go signal and he would willingly, in lightning speed, popped the much anticipated question to her.

Toni Gonzaga is promoting her new movie under Star Cinema, Wedding tayo Wedding Hindi. The film also stars Eugene Domingo, Zanjoe Marudo and Wendell Ramos.

So the question is, when will Toni get ready to walk down the aisle with Direk Paul?

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  1. The best loveteam in showbiz ! Toni Gonzaga and Direk Paul Soriano .